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Biryani Chocolate Cake



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Cake Flavour – Chocolate
Type of Cake – truffle
Shape – Round
Serves – 5-6 People
Size – 6 Inches in Diameter

Our Biryani Shaped Chocolate Cake is a creative and unique dessert that’s sure to impress any biryani lover. Shaped like a traditional biryani pot, this cake is made with rich, decadent chocolate cake and infused with the aromatic and flavorful spices of biryani.

Each bite of this cake is a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors, with the rich chocolate cake providing a deep and satisfying base, while the spices of the biryani add a complex and aromatic dimension to the dessert. The frosting is a creamy and indulgent chocolate ganache, which perfectly complements the bold flavors of the cake.

At our bakery, we take pride in creating innovative and delicious desserts that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Our Biryani Shaped Chocolate Cake is a perfect example of this, offering a unique and unforgettable flavor experience that’s perfect for any special occasion.


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